1Does my water softener need servicing?
A Harvey Water Softener™ doesn't require any servicing. Our water softeners have been designed and manufactured to not require any regular servicing. Other water softeners need maintenance.
2What happens if I run out of salt?
The water softener will stop softening your water, so it needs to be filled up with salt again. Otherwise you will revert back to having hard water.
3What type of salt can I use?
Our water softener is designed for block salt. We wouldn’t recommend using granular or tablet salt as it can block the tray and cause problems with the brine valve etc.
4Does softened water have a different feeling on my skin?
Softened water feels different when compared to hard water because it doesn’t leave deposits on your skin. It is important to remember that when using soap you can reduce the amount you use.
5Is there scientific evidence to prove the benefits of softened water?
The UK Water Trade Association (UKWTA) has published studies into the benefits of softened water for health and home. The study showed that: ● softened water reduces maintenance and servicing of your appliances ● water softeners help you save energy ● water softeners reduce your household fuel costs ● water softeners reduce carbon emissions, making your home more eco-friendly ● softened water removes existing limescale in pipes and appliances ● softened water helps to reduce the amount of soap, shampoo and detergent you use ● softened water is better at removing clothing stains ● clothes last longer when washed in softened water ● softened water makes cleaning easier as there is no scum ● softened water is kinder to the skin ● softened water keeps your hair soft.
6Are there any downsides to water softeners?
No. Everybody who has a good water softener that works properly is delighted with the benefits and more than happy to put up with the requirements of ownership.

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