Why water softeners needs salt

Once placed in the water softener, the salt slowly dissolves to create a brine solution in the base of the water softener. This brine solution is an important part the water softener’s regeneration or “cleaning” cycle.

When the resin in the water softener’s cylinder has reached its max capacity for capturing hard minerals, the brine solution enters the cylinder to clean the resin and it removes the hardness minerals from the cylinder.

The Minimax M2 works with block salt, a much more convenient form of salt. The individual blocks only weigh 4kg each, compared to the heavy 25kg tablet salt bags, meaning they are easier to load, carry and store.


What's better than honesty, simplicity and saving money? They are at the core of everything we do and that's why Harvey himself created a specially formulated washing powder, that doesn't contain any extra nasties.

It has many other benefits including:
  • Soft & brighter clothing which is kind to the skin
  • Naturally softening with Brilliant whiteness
  • Better for the environment
  • No fabric conditioner required
  • Standard washing powders contain extra agents and chemicals to counteract the effect of hard water.

Softened water is more naturally effective and our washing powder is a super concentrated non-bio that comes in an easy pour dispenser. You will use even less powder than the recommended dose of a standard brand.

A premium quality water softener will typically pay for itself within 3-6 years and could last in excess of 20 years. Why not invest today in the long term health and efficiency of your home? Protect your pipes and appliances against the damaging effects of hard water.

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