The Minimax Major Water Softener

Our Minimax Major Water Softener by Harveys is a larger in the latest generation in water softening design. It is recommeded for the larger home or families with a higher volume of water usage.

It can run on both tablet salt or block salt, providing hassle free softened water 24/7.

All of our water softeners come with a 10 year parts and 2 year labour guarantee!

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Installation and Maintenance

When we Install the Minimax water softener by Harveys it usually takes around half a day. The water softener will be plumbed into the incoming or rising main which will soften the water throughout your home. The Minimax Major is versatile, the salt cabinet can be stored either side of the main softener cabinet to best suit your storage needs.

Our suppliers are fully trained and qualified to be compliant with WRAS guidelines, so they are the best people for the job.Once the installation is complete, maintenance is easy. The only addition needed is either block salt or tablet salt, which you top up when low and can be easily bought from us.

Salt Block

6 x 4kg blocks

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3 to 4 Bathrooms

Flow Rates

MAX 80 litres per hour
MIN 3 litres per hour


Water Pressure

Max 8 bar
Min 1 bar


20 mins approx
37 litres

Why choose us and the Minimax range?

Cutting-edge technology, providing pure softened water.


Twin Cylinder

A water softener has to clean itself by regeneration. When one tank needs to regenerate the other will carry on providing your house with softened water.

All Plumbing Types

Our product has been designed and engineered in the UK to work with all types of British plumbing systems and all sizes of family.
10 year warranty

10 Year Parts Warranty

The British-made Minimax Water Softener range come with a 10 year parts warranty and is easy to refill and maintain.
Non electric Water Softener

Non-Electric Softener

No electrical PCB boards to go wrong, no time clocks to adjust when the clocks change or a power cuts occurs, and No complicated programming.

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