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Your home and work appliances will become more efficient and last longer!

It isn’t always noticeable, but scale build up over time on appliances can impact the way they work and how long they last. From kettles to boilers, hard water runs through them and scales them up over time.

An Energy Savings Study by Battelle looked at the benefits of softened water and the Water Quality Research Foundation found that a water softener is “the best energy-saving device you can buy”. In hard water, a showerhead can completely plug itself with limescale in 16 months, making it unusable, while faucets can become blocked after just 19 days. The findings found that all appliances were visually heavily affected by limescale, which has a huge impact on cleaning time and costs.

Your new water softener will dissolve existing scale over time and stop any future build-up. You will see scale disappear from your kettle six weeks after your water softener is installed and after two years it will disappear from your pipes.

Your home is the hub of your family, the asset you've worked hard to buy and the place you spend so much of your time. We understand how important it is to protect that home and to ensure everything within it works efficiently, effectively and lasts for as long as possible. We already know that installing a water softener is one way to protect your assets and extend the life of your appliances.

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