Why do you need a water softener?

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Benefits of softened water

Why choose us and the Minimax range?

Cutting-edge technology, providing pure softened water.


Twin Cylinder

A water softener has to clean itself by regeneration. When one tank needs to regenerate the other will carry on providing your house with softened water.

All Plumbing Types

Our product has been designed and engineered in the UK to work with all types of British plumbing systems and all sizes of family.
10 year warranty

10 Year Parts Warranty

The British-made Minimax Water Softener range come with a 10 year parts warranty and is easy to refill and maintain.
Non electric Water Softener

Non-Electric Softener

No electrical PCB boards to go wrong, no time clocks to adjust when the clocks change or a power cuts occurs, and No complicated programming.

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    Why choose Minimax Water Softeners?

    Unlike others, our softened water has no down time!

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