The BWT Softlux SL14 Water Softener

The BWT Softlux SL14 Water Softener is a specially designed, family-sized water softener, ideal for homes with multiple bathrooms. Designed and built to exact British and European standards, the sleek, contemporary design will blend effortlessly in most kitchen environments

With both Block and Tablet salt models available, the BWT Softlux SL14 Water Softener incorporates optimum inlet and outlet sizing for reliable and consistent flow rates, and uses a high capacity resin with uniform bead size for the maximum amount of softened water between regenerations.

Please Note: Tablet variant pictured

All of our BWT Softlux water softeners come with a 5 year parts and labour guarantee!

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Installation and Maintenance

When we install your S14, it's a simple process. To cover your whole domestic property, it needs to be installed at the mains water supply which is usually under the kitchen sink.

All our engineers are qualified and compliant.

The installation and testing usually takes around half a day and, as with all of our softeners, the S14 requires very minimal maintenance. Just replenish the block or tablet salt when necessary.

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Multiple Bathrooms

Flow Rates

MAX 50 litres per minute
MIN 10 litres per minute


Water Pressure

Max 5 bar
Min 1.7 bar

Water used/Regeneration

<80 l

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